About Us

About Us

Aniwaya Education Services

Aniwaya Education Services provides a range of support services to the education sector across Australia including Contextualised Assessment Tool Development, Validation, Professional Development, administration support and more.

Aniwaya Education Services has a practical approach to education support, get things right in the back end, train your staff well, have good processes and tools and always be clear about your vision. Our vision, is to support the education industry so that we can get better outcomes, we want to see schools, RTOs and universities that create outcomes, that create independent thinkers who can find their place in the world and contribute to building a better society. We do that through helping you set up strong systems, build staff capacity who know what needs to be done and why and then monitor and continue to upskill. Always moving forward, together.

Aniwaya CEO and Director, Lauren Hollows, has been working in education for nearly 15 years and has been a passionate advocate of education and training for more than 30 years. Working with organisations and individuals within the education and education support sectors to help them realise their purpose and develop stronger quality training, enhancing opportunities for students all over Australia.

Lauren is passionate about helping to create educational opportunities where they do not exist, believing that every individual has the right to create learning and employment opportunities through digital access equality. With a positive mindset, hard work, support and the right tools, anything can be achieved.

Every educator has within them the capacity to connect, we connect with students, we connect information to outcomes…

Lauren Boon Hollows