My staff know what they need to do, why they need to do it and where to find everything they need. Let’s be honest, this is not a common statement for many education providers. We serve a lot of masters, federal legislation, state legislation, funding requirements, constant updates in curriculum, it’s a full time job just knowing what the requirements are, let alone ensuring that you have everything in place to support them.
That’s where external professional development can help, Aniwaya works across a range of providers and with a range of Regulators and State Training Authorities and specialists, so your organisation can benefit from knowing what works for others and what the regulators are currently expecting. A range of our Professional Development days are listed below, for more contextualised options, fill out a contact form and one of our staff will back to you.


White Card
  • Includes multi-choice and written theory assessment and simple practical
  • Designed for classroom based or blended delivery

Certificate II in Building and Construction

  • Small range of units available
  • Designed for classroom based or blended delivery
  • Designed for youth cohort, such as scholarship, school based traineeship or school VET delivery

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