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Welcome to Aniwaya Education Services, one of the leading VET authorities in Perth, Australia! Before using this website, we highly advise you to read and comprehend these Terms and Conditions, regardless of the manner of access. The provisions specified herein shall govern your access and use of our website and all of its resources, including but not limited to training videos, written resources, podcasts, and course materials.

In these terms and conditions, “Aniwaya,” “our website,” “we,” or “us,” shall pertain to the online space, specialising in vocational education training that is controlled by or on behalf of Aniwaya and its affiliates. “You” or “the user” shall pertain to the subscribers, end-users, and visitors of Aniwaya.

Our website is only available for your use provided that you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein. These terms and conditions shall bind you should you visit our website, subscribe to our services, and download our resources.

Site Description

Aniwaya is an online resource that assists students to become professionals through technical education and skills development. To provide vocational education to students through our website featuring various resources, such as training materials, podcasts, YouTube videos, and printed guides. Our website will make it easier for you to access said resources, eliminating the need for you to jump from one online platform or application to another.

User Restriction

As a user of this website, you understand and acknowledge that anyone who has sufficient Internet access can visit Aniwaya. Regardless, all of the content uploaded and featured on our website shall remain “as is.” Furthermore, we do not grant the rights to intellectual property and copyright to our users, whether expressed or implied. The subscriber’s level of satisfaction, expectations of our clients, and the users’ customised settings shall not be covered by the website’s liability and all the services and resources we offer.

Authorised Use

Our website offers free resources to its users, including podcasts, print materials, and videos. However, you must pay the fees required to gain access to our paid resources, vocational courses, leadership training, and others. Such fees will be specified in the registration process unless otherwise stated. After completing the payment, you can gain full access to our paid materials and resources using any of your digital devices, given that you are connected to the Internet.


While we ensure the quality of services we provide, all numbers and results posted here or on any of our sites are simply examples of the ones we obtained from our top-performing clients. Nothing on this website is intended to show the exact figures of your future earnings, and the testimonials presented shall not guarantee you the same outcome. Therefore, by working with us and availing our services, you hereby agree that the results of your sales and your future earnings are up to you and the flow of your business operations.


Any user IDs, email addresses, passwords, and other information submitted through the forms of this website shall remain confidential. Please refer to our Privacy Policy statement for a comprehensive description of Aniwaya’s security, privacy, and other site activities.

Electronic Communications

When you access our website and/or subscribe to our paid resources as a user, you agree to connect with us online. Therefore, you will receive emails regarding updates, notifications, and announcements related to Aniwaya and the services we offer when deemed necessary.


The terms and conditions set forth herein shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Perth, Australia. In the event that there is a waiver of any provision stated in the Terms and Conditions or one provision is invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions shall be in full force and effect. Failure to abide by the rules stated herein may hold you accountable in court.

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